The Miraculous Story of A 60-year-old Korean Professor Using Unitein Toothpaste

Periodontal disease, as the name suggests, is a disease that occurs around the teeth, mainly at the junction of the teeth and gums. If the mouth is not cleaned well, bacteria will accumulate around the teeth, causing swollen and painful gums and even bleeding gums. To maintain oral health, most people often emphasize brushing their teeth, but few people mention the health of the gums. However, gum health is closely related to periodontal disease, but it is generally ignored by people.

Periodontal disease is the second largest oral problem after tooth decay. It is an invisible killer of teeth. It often causes tooth loss in just a few years, which not only affects the appearance but also seriously affects the quality of life.

So now, in medicine, is there any way to regenerate gums?

The answer can be found from Guo Duhui.

Guo Duhui, a university professor in his 60s, a Korean, has been suffering from dental problems. As he got older, his gums became weak and his gums bleed frequently. The dentist said that his gums are weak and it is difficult to implant teeth. He suggested that the teeth should be extracted first, and then the teeth should be implanted after the gums recovered. He was so unwilling to have his real teeth pulled out, so he refused to run home on the spot.

Guo Duhui keeps trying various methods, hoping to solve his distress. Huang Tian paid off, and he finally found a toothpaste that brought him a glimmer of hope.

At the beginning of using it, he felt that the pain in the gums was relieved, the bleeding gradually decreased, and the bleeding of the gums stopped after a few days.

During this period, he saw that the gums recovered to health. In the spirit of experimentation, he switched to other toothpaste to brush his teeth. Unexpectedly, the gums felt sore and cold again. So, he decided to make up his mind and insist on brushing his teeth with Unitein toothpaste after meals and before going to bed every day.

After a few months, the symptoms of gum swelling and bleeding disappeared, and the health of the gums recovered very well, and it was no problem to chew ordinary food.

He was so relieved that he nicknamed it “Supernatural Toothpaste”. For two years, he insisted on brushing his teeth with Unitein toothpaste. The gums on both sides have basically returned to normal, and he can chew things. Occasionally, he eats some nuts inadvertently, and there is no problem. He described it as if all of this had been helped by God.

Guo Duhui is using Unitein toothpaste.


Unitein Toothpaste (Gum Restore Toothpaste)
Unitein Toothpaste (Gum Restore Toothpaste)

Unitein toothpaste product features:

Uniter Toothpaste is an environment-friendly toothpaste without adding harmful chemical ingredients. It is made of 99% environment-friendly natural ingredients to keep teeth and oral cavity healthy.

There is no added SLS (foaming agent) that dulls the taste of the tongue, so you can feel the sweetness of the fruit after brushing your teeth. And the addition of mica has a remarkable effect of eliminating bad breath and polishing.

It is an eco-friendly toothpaste that can be used by all ages, from infants to pregnant women, without adding any harmful ingredients.

There are no preservatives, tar pigments, fluorine, artificial flavors and saccharin that are harmful to teeth, and no chemical foaming agents used in general toothpaste. You can feel the sweetness of fruits after brushing your teeth. Moreover, the addition of mica, which has excellent adsorption capacity and is rich in minerals, is of great help to oral health.

Contains allantoin, aminocaproic acid and other medicinal ingredients, which are effective for gum pain, periodontitis, periodontal disease, prevention of tooth decay, oral cleaning, bad breath removal, and tartar removal. In addition, SIRASU has the effect of polishing teeth and eliminating bad breath, and can maintain healthy teeth.

Unitein Toothpaste: Effectively prevent gingivitis and wind teeth

Wind tooth refers to periodontitis, and Unitein toothpaste has the effect of curing gingival pain and gum inflammation. The bacillus contained in Unitein toothpaste can improve the wounds in the mouth, and then improve the teeth caused by gingivitis and periodontitis.

Unitein Toothpaste: It has a significant bactericidal effect

Bamboo salt is excellent in killing bacteria that are the cause of gingivitis on food residues and tartar left in the mouth.

Unitein Toothpaste: Teeth polishing and bad breath elimination effect is obvious

Uniterin ingredients are effective in healing bad breath caused by oral wounds and inflammation. Mica itself is different from the abrasives of general toothpaste. It is round, softer to grind and remove foreign matter between teeth, and has a polishing effect. Mica has been tested by the Korea Experimental Institute of Chemistry, and the deodorization rate of ammonia gas can reach more than 80% after one hour. The certified mica has an excellent deodorizing effect.

Unitein Toothpaste: Natural toothpaste without chemical addition

Unlike ordinary toothpaste, it does not contain any chemical substances. It is an environment-friendly toothpaste that can keep teeth healthy, and its ingredients are not harmful to the human body. There are no preservatives, tar pigments, fluorine, artificial flavors and saccharin that are harmful to teeth, and no chemical foaming agents used in general toothpaste. You can feel the sweetness of fruits after brushing your teeth.

Unitein toothpaste ingredients: use natural raw materials that are beneficial to teeth, such as loess, raspberry, lotus leaf extract, chitin, propolis, xylitol, aminocaproic acid, allantoin, etc., which are different from the natural ingredients of ordinary toothpaste.

Net content: 100g

Why is Unitein Toothpaste so amazing?

  • The biggest feature of Unitein Toothpaste is that it combines modern scientific research technology with two ancient ingredients – frankincense and myrrh.
  • Frankincense has been used in oral care since ancient times; myrrh was called a “mysterious medicine” in the ancient West, and was used as a traditional Chinese medicine in Eastern Chinese medicine. The “Bible-Old Testament” records that when Jesus was born, the oriental doctors offered frankincense, myrrh and gold as congratulatory gifts, so in ancient times, frankincense, myrrh and gold were equally precious tributes.
  • Unitein toothpaste is added with high-quality frankincense sap imported from Greece, which has remarkable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and also has natural antiseptic effects. Myrrh has antibacterial, immune-boosting, and blood-purifying effects.
  • Unitein Toothpaste also has another very precious main ingredient—red ginseng that has been “steamed nine times and exposed nine times”.
  • Nine times of steaming and nine times of exposure means nine times of steaming and nine times of drying. The purpose is to extract the active ingredient saponin in red ginseng to the maximum extent. At present, in most red ginseng, the saponin that can be absorbed by the human body does not exceed 13%. Red ginseng processed after “nine steams and nine exposures” has 80% of the saponin that can be absorbed by the human body, which greatly improves the health of the body. Medicinal efficacy of red ginseng products.

Using so many precious traditional medicines, call Unitein Toothpaste supernatural toothpaste is not an exaggeration.

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