Is It Possible for Receding Gums to Grow Back?

If you ask your periodontist if your gums can grow back after receding, they’ll tell you no, they can’t. Luckily, with Unitein Toothpaste, the answers are different. Unitein is a patented scientific research technology ingredient. Scientific experiments at Handong University in South Korea have proved that Unitein has the effect of repairing cells (37% increase in DNA damage repair), can effectively repair cells, resist gum atrophy, and strengthen gums. Other ingredients can remove tartar and bad breath, prevent gum disease, and prevent tooth decay.

Unitein was awarded three patents:

  • Red Ginseng Bacillus patent (10-0714408)
  • Bacillus orthodox red ginseng patent (10-1070088)
  • Anti-disease effect new protein patent (10-1144471)

A Korean Customer Story

He went to the dentist before using Unitein toothpaste. The dentist suggested that four or five inner teeth be extracted because the gums were inflamed and the teeth were loose.

At that time, he didn’t pull out his teeth right away. After returning home, he accidentally heard about the effectiveness of our toothpaste, so he bought one for trial (May 22); he felt good and then bought 5 more toothpaste to use with his family on June 20 and August 19. Buy 10 toothpaste tubes in two days and give them to his parents.

He said the teeth are now back to normal, and the gums are intact.

He also shared his method of brushing his teeth after eating food and applying toothpaste to the gums before bed at night.

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