Is It Possible for Receding Gums to Grow Back?

If you ask your periodontist if your gums can grow back after receding, they’ll tell you no, they can’t. Luckily, with Unitein Toothpaste, the answers are different. Unitein is a patented scientific research technology ingredient. Scientific experiments at Handong University in South Korea have proved that Unitein has the effect of repairing cells (37% increase in DNA damage repair), can effectively repair cells, resist gum atrophy, and strengthen gums. Other ingredients can remove tartar and bad breath, prevent gum disease, and prevent tooth decay.

Unitein was awarded three patents:

– Red Ginseng Bacillus patent (10-0714408)
– Bacillus orthodox red ginseng patent (10-1070088)
– Anti-disease effect new protein patent (10-1144471)


"After 20 years of gum problems, I have finally found the answer to much improved gum health. I’ve been using for 2 months now, and am astounded that my bleeding gums are healed, my constant sore mouth feels normal again. Your toothpaste has been a huge blessing. Thank you!"

- Barbara W.

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- R. Rolan

100% natural bioactive substance

Award-Winning Ingredients

Unitein (Red Ginseng)

The core raw material, Unitein, is manufactured by the company's unique R&D patented technology, which can effectively resist the Three Hypers.


Frankincense is a precious spice in ancient times. Frankincense can effectively be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It has been used for oral management since ancient times. We use the high-quality Frankincense sap imported from Greece.


Myrrh is the sap of the myrrh tree in Greek mythology. It was used as a traditional Chinese medicine in Eastern Chinese medicine. It has the effects of antibacterial, immune promotion, and blood purification.

How to use Unitein Toothpaste?

After brushing your teeth, don’t rinse your mouth immediately. Let Unitein Toothpaste stay in your mouth for 3 minutes. This allows your gum to fully absorb the healing power of Unitein Toothpaste.

Unitein is a 100% natural bioactive substance proven to restore damaged cells at a 37% DNA restoration rate# at full concentration and 14% DNA restoration rate with a 1000 times diluted solution (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Unitein Study Results

Unitein Toothpaste Recognitions


Don't just take our word for it.

Our Satisfied Users Say It Best!

“After routine and deep cleanings by my dental hygienist failed to reduce the gum pockets behind my upper molars ranging from 12-14 depth, my dentist recommended me to a periodontist who personally performed another deep cleaning around these 2 teeth to comply with insurance requirements before performing gum surgery. About that same time I had started using Unitein twice a day. After two month at my next visit to the periodontist, he fully expected to perform gum surgery to better expose the tissue for better access to routine cleaning…but he expressed amazement that my two gum pockets had been reduced to only 4-5 in the depth gauge. I showed him the carton of Unitein I had been using and the patented formula with red ginseng, suggesting that I had been using it for the past 2 months. He put his hands in the air and said, “That Unitein toothpaste may be a bit pricey, but it’s a lot cheaper and less invasive than what I was going to do. Amazing!”
Walter M. 12/02/2023
Unitein keep mouth bacteria in line better than other toothpastes because it is designed that way. In a sense, just like keeping the gut biome in good shape.
John Dickens
Verified Owner
I ordered this toothpaste for my wife because she has very sensitive teeth. She likes it and finds it helpful. I decided to try it myself and I just love it. My teeth feel cleaner and I notice my own sensitivity is reduced. I recommend it for all who have sensitive teeth.
Bruce Gibbs
Verified Owner
I have been using this toothpaste for 6 months. I recently had my teeth cleaned. My hygenist remarked several times during my cleaning that my gums looked really good.
Annette Slikker
Verified Owner
This is the best toothpaste I've found and I've tried a lot of toothpastes including natural ones. I noticed a difference in the way my mouth felt from the first time I used Unitein. I have gum issues and after 1 tube, I feel some of my problems are resolving. My gums feel stronger and my teeth feel cleaner. I've ordered several more tubes and will continue using it.
Deborah Connors
Verified Owner


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