Best combination of two worlds (toothpaste/toothbrush): Healthier gums in 2 weeks

Brushing with Unitein Toothpaste and sonic toothbrushes removes tartar and plaque below the gumline. Healthier gums with plaque-free teeth stop and reverse the progress of periodontal gum pockets. Twice daily brushing with Unitein Toothpaste and flossing help prevent disease progress.

Untein Toothpaste removes tartar and periodontal toxins from bleeding gum pockets and naturally restores healthy gums. Periodontal gum pocket depth improvements were supported by various cases given that Unitein Toothpaste is effective in dissolving and removing plaque, tartar, and periodontal bacteria that cause diseased, bleeding and periodontal gum pockets deep below the gumline and restoring healthy pink gums.

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush improves your gum health up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush. It has a pressure sensor that protects teeth and gums from excess brushing pressure. This electronic toothbrush utilizes advanced sonic technology, delivering up to tens of thousands of brush strokes per minute. Say goodbye to plaque, stains, and hidden debris that manual brushing can leave behind. This toothbrush also comes with a pressure sensor. It protects your gums from overbrushing with its integrated pressure sensor that alerts you if you’re applying too much force. For best results from Unitein toothpaste, it is recommended to use a compact or children’s brush head.

Unitein Toothpaste and sonic toothbrushes
Unitein Toothpaste and sonic toothbrushes


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